Paperclay Dolls

For some time now I use paperclay instead of porcelain to model my dolls. What I like about working with Paperclay is that there are no limits in expression and movement which isn’t the case with Porcelain where you use molds and an oven for drying.

Vintage materials and a lot of tiny elements are my favorite way to make a special and unique dressing up for my dolls.

Some examples of my Paperclay Dolls

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One thought on “Paperclay Dolls

  1. dear amkie,i am enthralled with the beauty of your dolls.I am quite an old sick lady but making things gives me great happiness.I do lots of hobbies(i am
    quite good0 what i would like to ask you is what is the best way for me to
    start. buy a book from you or do an online class ,trouble is i don’t understand
    what an online class is.
    kind regards

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